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  • Caramel
  • Vanilla

One of our best selling Vixskin toys, the Buck is thick, but not too thick, and long, but not too long. Just right...for many. The Buck has a large base, perfect for harness use. And as with the other Vixskin toys, Buck is pliable and soft with a firm core making this a very realistic feeling toy.


1.75" × 6.75"

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As Nina says, 'Buck, you're a whole lot of man'. I love Buck over all my other dildo's and it's because of the sweet combination of soft and hard, and just big enough to be a challenge, but still totally manageable. Buck has a nice, round base that fits nicely in my hand or harness and is long enough that you don't really notice that inch, or so, that you lose in length when used with a harness. Sometimes I'm feeling greedy and grab one of my bigger toys, but even then I'll generally warm up with Buck. Buck is made of the best quality silicone so he's easy to clean and share and I'm looking forward to many happy years together.