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The Feeldoe is a double dil you can use without a harness - and look, ma, no hands! Powered by a Micro Mini that fits just under the small ridges designed for clitoral rub, this toy has a little something for everyone. If you want to use the Feeldoe with a harness, it will give you more freedom of movement than use without one.

The key to using the Feeldoe without a harness is for the wearer to keep their legs closed so it doesn't slip out. Good positions would include sitting facing each other or with the wearer lying down with their friend on top.

Comes in purple only.

  • Insertable length - 6" (shaft), 3 1/2" (bulb)
  • Width - 1.5" at widest (shaft), 1.5"at bulb
Batteries included: 
Insertable length - 7" (shaft), 3 1/2" (bulb) x Width - 1.5" at widest (shaft), 1.5"at bulb
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Manufactured by: 


Feeldoe review

ok, i can't stop ranting on this. i just found out that after claiming they had to raise the price because of increased costs, they're selling it on amazon.com for a fraction of the price (i'm guessing less than the cost that venus envy pays). is tantus deliberately trying to sabotage small alternative education-oriented sex toy shops, or are they just stupid? i really hope happy valley comes out with something comparable really soon.


It is a conspiracy. All companies in the world hate hipster shops. Dildo companies too!

Feeldoe review

i still love this toy, but shame on tantus for raising the price when the toy became more popular. what i really want is a more realistic double dildo with a bigger bulb, made of vixskin or at least that silky textured happy valley stuff, and available in all the colours that people come in. that toy would be worth saving up $160.

Realistic Feeldoe - "Realdoe"

The inventor of the Feeldoe has just come out with a more realistic version of the Feeldoe, the "Realdoe". It comes in a more natural colour (according to the inventor, a colour mix she invented herself to be an average of dark and light skintones) and is apparently made of softer material. It has the same dimensions as the original violet version, and is selling via the inventor's site for 107$ plus 39$ S+H for non-US orders. You can read about it and order it here http://www.feeldoe.com/page3.html but to see a picture, you have to click on the hidden link of the doe with the wagging tail.

Feeldoe review

My girlfriend and I bought this as my first anal toy. She got a kick out of fucking me with it, even though she found it was to "keep in" in some positions. I love getting fucked with it, but I find that my model (the blue one) isn't thick enough. I wish Venus Envy stocked the black "Stout" version! Men, this toy will make you greedy for more.

Feeldoe review

A very interesting toy for a man. I often insert the bulb end. Interesting having two penis. I can jerk one with each hand.

Good quality silicone, no smell, wears well.

If using with a second person, you may want a harness, does tend to fall out.

Feeldoe review

I love this toy! It's so cool to wear a dildo that you can actually feel when someone touches it. I find the bulb end a bit small and light: it feels good, but it tends to pop out because it's not counterbalanced enough. If I'm fucking someone else with it, usually I'll either use a harness with it or put the waistband of my underwear under the "balls" for support.
Also, I really have to focus on the rhythm because it's too easy to come really fast with the feeldoe. In the other hand, it's the best jer