Form 2 by Jimmyjane

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The Form 2 by Jimmyjane offers unique, compact design and more intense vibrations than any other product of its size. Each flexible ear has its own independent motor for exquisite dual stimulation. The Form 2 is made of 100% medical-grade silicone and stainless steel, which means that it warms quickly to body temperature and is super easy to clean. The Form 2  charges up to its full power in just a couple of hours, and the two separate motors mean that power is distributed evenly throughout the toy. The Form 2 has four vibration modes and five power levels so you get lots of variety depending on your mood. The Form 2 is also 100% waterproof, so you can have lots of fun taking this little guy into the bath or shower. Great for solo or partnered play!

Made of 100% silicone. Use soap and water to clean, do not use silicone lubricants with silicone toys. Comes with a 3 year in-store warranty.

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3.2" x 2.0" at widest point

Power source: 
Internal rechargeable battery
Batteries included: 
3.25" x 2.0
Made in: 
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Jimmyjane makes an entire line of stylish and functional vibrators, but the Form 2 has the rest beat. The two prong design lends itself well to clitoral stimulation, although you can use it all over. Each "ear" has a separate powerful vibrator, so it packs a double whammy into a small sleek package, so powerful that I rarely crank it up past the second level.
The best thing about the dual motors is that they are not quite in sync so even the plain vibration mode has a quality of movement, not just vibration. There are other modes that play with this feeling in an even more pronounced way, with the vibrations playing back and forth between the fingers in a way that feels like they're moving. The randomness keeps the mega vibrations from becoming numbing, even if you're just holding it in one place. For a really random, teasing experience you can set the Form 2 to the secret "anarchy mode" that shuffles through different patterns in a way that is fantastically frustrating.
The tech geek in me also loves the specs of this toy. It's rechargeable lithium polymer battery can't be overcharged, so you can leave it on it's sleek white charging dock all the time, ready for use. But even if you don't, it has incredible staying power. Fully charged it can run for hours, so it's always ready when you pull it out of your drawer and rarely dies just when you need it most. The cordless magnetic charging system also means the Form 2 is totally sealed and waterproof, fun in the bath AND easy to clean. Hands down, this has been my favourite toy of 2012.