Erotic Massage for Women

6 January 2011

I want to get an erotic massage in the T.O. area. It’s my first time – I’m scared shitless and want it to be awesome, i.e., with minimal contact with male clients.

Before I was married I had mostly lesbian relationships. Now, inevitably, I am girl crazy but do not want to destroy my marriage. Threesomes are hard to come by, and I just really want some female erotic attention. I’m considered hot, smart, fit, successful, cool, etc. I just have problems taking my desire and turning it into the actual moment. Where to call? Look? Help?


Leave it to a woman to turn a professional sex exchange into a personal ad. What does “fit” even mean? Do you have basic bladder control? Good liver function? Are you not going to shart on your attendant when you come?

When it comes to remunerated sex, all you need to be, as a client, is re-spectful, showered and ready to pay the fee. I would say your best bet is to check out any of the in-​call agencies you see advertised (try and ask if any of the women are amenable to taking on a female client for a massage. Massaging women can be a lot of work, and some sex workers may not be confident in their massage skills. That said, Jenny, I recently met Toronto’s premier Roman Shower spinner (translation: she’s petite and will puke on you). If she can keep a brisk business, then you should have little trouble getting some lady to massage you to orgasm.

I don’t know what your concern with men is (that they will harass you in the waiting area?), but most will be busy having their own needs attended to in the other rooms.