We-Vibe Tango

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We're very excited about these new We-Vibe toys! The Tango is a personal toy that's shaped for external use and comes with an extremely powerful motor, lots of variety and a very fast charge. The We-Vibe Tango is designed with a magnetic click charger and made of  body-safe PC-ABS thermoplastic making it waterproof, hygenic, and very durable. The shape of this toy means that you'll get a very direct sensation, great for anyone looking to upgrade from a bullet or egg style toy. The Tango may also be used vaginally, ideal for anyone wanting lots of power and functions in a small package.

The Tango only needs 90 minutes to fully charge and then is good for 2 hours of play. The easy push button controls let you work your way up to the highest speed and then through the various pulses and modes but doesn't make you work your way back through them to get to the off button; simply hold the button down for a few seconds and your toy will turn itself off. And another neat trick, when you turn your toy back on, it picks up where you left off! No working your way through all the fuctions if you know which one works for you. Genius!

Comes with a one year warranty against defect. 

*Please note that the Tango is USB rechargeable. This means that the cord for the charger is plugged into the USB port on a computer (or any USB-plug adapter) in order to recharge the toy.

Power source: 
Internal rechargeable battery
Batteries included: 
5/8" wide x 3" long
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Staff reviews: 

The Tango is my go-to toy and has replaced all my other vibrators. It has a bunch of speeds and functions, but I generally only use the one and smartly, they've built it so that when I turn the Tango off, it gets turned back on at the power level I last used. Which is perfect for those of us who enjoy the same sensation, over and over. So that's cool but wait, there's more! It's waterproof which makes it super easy to clean, and it has a ton of power, especially considering the size. Also, because it stays charged for a long time, it never lets me down. 


Looking for the potential of stronger vibrations yet petite enough to travel with you in your make up bag or back pocket? 

 What I love about the Tango We Vibe is it’s versatile style. I can take it on a hot date and no one would suspect i have a vibrator in my tiny purse. It also fits well in the palm of my hand,  I ramp up the heat by placing it on my clitoris during partner play. Not only great on the clit with or without a partner but it can also be a fabulous sidekick while giving oral sex! 

Get creative, use it for migraines on the greyhound, it’s nearly silent even at it's highest speed.  It was worthy every penny i saved for it, this one definitely lived up to the hype. Five stars baby! 


Loving it


We replaced yet another bullet with this and it is definitely worth the price! Small but powerful (and quiet), it can be used in many different ways but the fact that it is waterproof opened up a whole other world. Easy to clean, easy to use.

About the only issue with it is that the recharger can be a bit finicky as the magnet that holds it in place may not stay attached if it happens to get bumped. Not a pleasant surprise if you do not keep an eye on it. However, this is minor and easily dealt with.

If you are looking for a new toy but worried/intimidated about some of the bigger ones, this is ideal.

Easily the best $80 I've ever spent.


I have to admit that at first, I was intimidated by the amount of power this little thing packs. The lowest speed has more oomph than my regular vibrator! HAD to take it home, and boy am I glad that I did.

You haven't had a real clitoral orgasm until you've tried this thing. Absolutely worth every penny.

Top Notch!


I just recently bought the Tango, and it's one of the best investments I've ever made! This baby is small and powerful, and can be completely summed up in two words: multiple orgasms. Oh yes.

Great little toy!


I really like this vibrator, and so does my partner. It's small and easily portable (discreet for masturbation), but also long enough that you can get a good grip on it for partner-play. It's pretty powerful, and changing the vibration setting is very intuitive.

Love that it's waterproof too!