A Watchful Pair

Friday, January 28, 2011


Do you know anywhere where couples can watch other couples have sex? Swing clubs, live sex shows, etc?


I have heard nothing but good things (with the exception of complaints from gay men who were crushed to see their beloved Club Toronto go the way of the Toolbox) about the Oasis Aqualounge. From one old queen to a bunch of others, I hear you boys. I am sorry that your community has had to endure the disappearance of another landmark social club, but I will say that the options for kinky heterosexuals and underserved communities like queer women and men and transpeople could definitely use some plumping up.

Oasis is open to straight people (in mainstream sex-club terms that’s straight couples and women) from Thursday to Saturday day and night but is amenable to hosting queer sex parties on off nights.

Toni Johnson, one of the owners, is a super-nice lady. As I mentioned, her initial goal was to service the heterosexual population, but as she says, she “didn’t want to be a hog” about the beautiful space, which includes a heated pool open year round, and has opened the space up to serve a more diverse crowd for special occasions.

Carrie Gray of long-standing fetish get-together ASLAN is stoked about throwing one of his Switch parties at Oasis on February 6. Gray’s hired Cozmic Cat to DJ and has pole dancers – my partner Kitty Neptune and one of her acolytes, Chy Ryan Spain, both of whom are madly talented – to entertain. It’s open to all queer-identified folks, including those who are straight but may find the usual heterocentric sex party a little vanilla or finicky for their tastes.

Oasis has five different rooms, including one with a kitted-out van sawed in half, a hot tub that holds 10, steam rooms, a sauna, showers, towels and a big-screen TV for porn on which Gray plans to screen amateur and independent work during February’s festivities. Switch also features a room with a video camera for hardcore exhibitionists where activity is streamed, with full consent, of course, online.

The new Oasis owners have gone to a lot of trouble to revitalize this rundown heritage building. Johnson, who has frequented swing clubs for many years but is a first-time business owner, was excited to restore what she could of the 130-year-old mansion and seems quite tickled to be at the helm of an adult playhouse.

“In the afternoon it’s a little quieter,” she says, “and the other day I could hear one older couple playing hide and seek.” Skin tag, you’re it!

For details on the Switch party, go to aslanleather.com/catalog/events.php. For details on Oasis Aqualounge go to oasisaqualounge.com/blog.