A Winning Rim

Friday, June 03, 2011


I have rimmed my girl a few times now and want to know the best technique or method to rim her as deep as possible. I love doing it, and she really loves me doing it, and we always make sure she is really clean. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


If you want to get in there submariner-style, try relaxing the sphincter muscles by fingering her or using a small butt plug first. Seeing as how it’s her asshole, though, I would imagine she’d be the best person to give advice on what she likes.

As for my readers, if your partner is not conversant in the language of anal sex or if you are worried that talking about it so frankly will make it less exciting, allow me to offer you two pieces of wisdom:

1. puckerup.com/?cPath=&products_id=314&tpid=8 is Tristan Taormino’s classic book The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex (Quiver). It will help the two of you become a little more familiar with the region and all the awesome things it wants and can do.

2. No amount of discussion around anal sex, no additional knowledge of the other ordinary and sometimes shockingly foul things the anus does has dampened my enthusiasm for this act, be that giving, receiving, watching or imagining. Nothing.

If cleanliness is paramount to you, might I suggest having a look at this product: pinkcherry.ca/Douche-and-Enema/products/163/. Sexy and practical, just like the anus itself. Careful not to douche too much, though, you don’t want to dry out those tender tissues.

**Venus Envy note: Tristan Taramino's book is available on our website here, and we also have anal douches available here!