Adventure Dyke

Thursday, October 14, 2004


I'm a lesbian who's in a new relationship. My partner and I both want to try sex with a strap-on, but we are concerned with how to manipulate the dildo to get it in at the right angle. What do we need to know?


The first practical question to consider here is: what sort of dildo will feel the best and also work with a harness? Go shopping with your partner and take a look at what is available. If you've never played with an insertable sex toy before, you should probably get one that is a little smaller than what you imagine you'd like. Our eyes are not only bigger than our stomachs; they are usually bigger than our orifices, as well. Make sure that the dildo has a rim or base that will make it possible to insert it into the harnesses' cock ring and stay in place. You don't want your silicone steed to yank itself out of your harness the first time you withdraw from your partner! (Dildoes, by the way, are made out of many different substances. Some ostensibly "latex" dildoes are actually made out of polyvinyl chloride [PVC], a toxic substance. Silicone dildoes will not provoke a latex allergy, and they can be boiled to render them super-clean after play. They are available in several colors of penile pride