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Friday, November 07, 2008


Whenever I am being pleasured, I seem to relax a little too much and frequently pass gas as I orgasm or approach orgasm. This is especially embarrassing in light of receiving oral sex. If I try to keep control of my butt muscles, I am unable to relax enough to achieve my peak. Any ideas?


Are you able to identify certain foods that are likely to make you gassy? Giving up legumes (beans) or dairy products might help. Some folks also find they have trouble digesting raw vegetables. I would also suggest that you take an over-the-counter product like Beano or Gas-X to reduce flatulence before you hop into bed with your sweetie. If you are with somebody who has a decent sense of humor and already knows about the problem, there's nothing wrong with saying, "Excuse me," and hopping out of bed to go have a private moment in the bathroom. New partners should be apprised of the problem so they can remove their faces if you say, "Oops! Incoming!" It may sometimes be necessary for you to ask a partner who is blowing you to sit up and get a little distance while you finish yourself off. Being considerate about such problems is a big help to your bedmate.

I also thought it might help you to hear that this is a question I get fairly frequently. Unless you are e-mailing me several times a year, you are not the only person who suffers from the dilemma of how to relax enough to enjoy sex without expelling noxious gases. Good luck in your campaign against The Fart.

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