Big breast bargains

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have a female friend aged 57 whose short-term ambition is to have her breasts enlarged to astronomical dimensions. She believes that such an operation will yield her to be far more attractive to older men with millionaire status desiring a life partner and provide her with lifetime financial security. The problem is that she desires implants in the 700cc to 900cc range, which may be complicated given her body structure and age. Furthermore, she can ill afford this major cosmetic enhancement (estimated price $10,000), as she claims that she has been financially ripped off by her quack of a therapist in 2008, thus leaving her with little cash flow.Thus I ask you, Sasha: where can this woman get implants in the 700cc to 900cc range, done by a competent surgeon in Canada (preferably within the provinces of Quebec or Ontario), for very minimal fees (if possible, for free)?

— Dov


Free? As Nadia Rende — registered nurse and assistant to plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas A. Bell — says, "In simple terms, no." Reduced? Certainly, and here is how it works: Dr. Bell teaches at the University of Toronto's plastic surgery department and, just like many medical teaching facilities, the department offers reduced-rate surgeries from residents and fellows. If a resident does your surgery, the supervising surgeon is scrubbed in and may assist. If a fellow (basically someone who is just weeks away from being fully qualified) does it, the supervising surgeon oversees the details but isn't necessarily in the O.R. The program, where they do all the traditional treatments, was launched six months ago and there are four other doctors who work with residents and fellows. This may still be outside of your friend's budget, though, as they only offer about a third off the going rate.

She may also have trouble convincing a surgeon to do such a large augmentation. If she is small-breasted to begin with, she would require "expanding," something that is done on women who have had mastectomies and which involves stretching the skin in preparation for the implant. Dr. Bell doesn't do this and I'm going to guess that doctors who do aren't offering reduced-rate surgeries. Not through reputable universities anyway.