Blow him off

Thursday, July 09, 2009


I've recently started to work in the sex industry, but am naïve to everything about it. I'm working for a man who has us wait for calls with him in his house; there are only four of us as far as I know. He has had other interviews but the other girls haven't stayed. I make half what I earn, so about $90-$100 depending on the call.

The man seems to be nice. He feeds us, arranges all the calls for us and gets drivers. I'm having trouble getting used to performing oral sex for him every time I come to work. He asks the other girls too and they comply, so I do as well. I'm content with the arrangement but would like to know if this is standard or not.



If you are doing outcalls, the time you spend waiting for them should be at your leisure in the location of your choice and sure enough, Sweetie, one of my ho colleagues confirms this: "The standard is a call 30 minutes prior to an appointment on the days you've agreed to work and then they send a driver to pick you up from wherever you are."

Free blow jobs are not de rigueur when you work for someone ("Would your boss have you perform oral on him in any other job?" Sweetie asks, outraged) and, generally speaking, a pimp or madam will take around a third of your income.

If you're content with your current arrangement, fine, but you can also work without waiting around at a tedious location, complimentary and possibly health-compromising blow jobs and an excessive cut. Join the Toronto Escort Review Board ( and look at the agencies that advertise there. Call them and ask about their business practices. Sweetie urges you to research independent work, too. "TERB has an excellent forum for Johns seeking independents as well as a method for independents to stay connected, share info and maintain similar pricing and services to keep the market good," she says. Ads on TERB or the Redzone ( are under $50 a month.