Bouncing, Bald-Headed Boys

Friday, April 01, 2005


Do most women (if there is such a thing as "most") like the look and feel of a man with a shaved genital area? Or a very trimmed and shaved scrotum? I love the feeling of my wife's fingers and tongue on my testicles, but I'm often worried that she thinks I'm weird when I occasionally shave down there. I guess I should ask her. I hope she's being honest when she tells me she likes it.


You say that you hope your wife is being honest with you when she tells you that she likes your shaved scrotum and pubic area. This tells me that you've already asked her for her opinion. And yet, that's not enough reassurance — you're writing to me to find out what most women think about a guy who shaves his crotch. I haven't seen any formal research on this, but given the face and "eeuw" sound that most women make when they discuss guys who have significant amounts of body hair, I'm guessing that they should appreciate it when there's some smooth skin to weigh in their hands, lick, and look at.

Maybe you are feeling insecure about this because you feel that there's something wrong with your own pleasure in touching a shaved cock and balls. Please let me weigh in on the side of continuing to shave if it gets your dick hard. There's nothing strange about it. It's something that a lot of men do, especially considerate guys who like getting head or having their balls played with, but don't want to give their women a mouthful of hair. The shaved skin is also more sensitive to the touch, as you've discovered, and that's an extra as well.

Rather than obsess about this, just accept what your wife has already told you, and relax and enjoy all these exciting sensations. If you want to keep it shaved all the time, that's cool, too. I might also suggest that you ask your wife if she would like a little haircut of her own. Shaved pussy is an amazing thing to handle and nuzzle. If she likes the smooth look, too, you might feel vindicated. What's next—nipple play? Oh, heaven forbid!