Caution: Too Slippery When Wet

Friday, July 23, 2010


I was wondering if you knew of anything I could do to reduce how wet I get when I am aroused. It is almost always abundant. It I feel that I end up getting cheated out of a sexual experience because I can't feel as much as I probably should during penetration and I am sure that it is the same for my partners. I do lots of Kegels I even own a pair of smart balls it doesn't seem to help. I have heard of surgery but I find that extreme.  Do you have any info that can help me?



8 jliion people are reading this right now and thinking, "That's a problem?" but yes readers, some women and their partners find the amount of lubrication they produce makes intercourse less stimulating and they're all tired of people telling them to get over it and embrace their sacred juices.

Here are a few options:

You can experiment with decongestants or antihistamines (erg, I know...) but of course, they'll also dry up your mouth. Marijuana also makes people pastier but then you're stoned and if you're anything like me in this state, sex becomes nearly impossible to enjoy because someone is touching you with their icky, needy fingers. What do they want from you? Are they trying to steal your skin? (I made the huge mistake of eating a pot cookie when I was taking care of a friend's out-of-the-way farm a few years back and spent an entire night standing over the bed yelling at my boyfriend, "Well we've all read In Cold Blood haven't we? HAVEN'T WE?")

You might also try a disposable (erg, I know...) menstrual cup like Instead that will contain cervical mucus and which you can wear during intercourse. Lubrication comes from a couple of places in the vagina including the walls, so you'll be left with this—good thing, you'll need some—as well as any fluid that comes out of the urethra if you're one of those gals. Anyway, It's worth trying to control some of it if it bugs you so much.

It seems, though, that you are assuming your partners find this as distressing as you do (perhaps you have run into squeamish types and this has you all in a twist) but you don't know unless you talk about it in a way that doesn't spiral into a shame fest. Learning to talk about your bodily functions with ease as well as adding different forms of pleasure to your repertoire improves your sexual self-esteem enormously. Go online and hunt down sex guides published by Cleis. Learn more about the mundane miracle that is your pussy.

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