Crimson and Lover, Over and Over

Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm in a long-distance relationship and only get to see my boyfriend every few months. The next time we see each other is right bang (pardon the pun) in the middle of my period! I'm in a profession that doesn't allow me to schedule my own holidays, so I can't choose another date. Same thing happened last time we saw each other, and I would prefer to have a little less technicolour action this time. I know you like the Diva Cup, but the website says it shouldn't be used during intercourse. Is there an alternative (other than a diaphragm) that I could use while having crazy, making-up-for-lost-time sex?


I know hookers who use the Diva Cup to keep the blood at bay while working, but when I think about this, even for a second, what springs to mind is the stem of the cup getting jammed in a male partner's urethra, accompanied by the feeling of being punched repeatedly in the cervix with a miniature ringette puck. Ows all around, really.

You may go ahead and experiment with a Diva Cup if you dare, but I suggest a few alternatives: a menstrual sponge (excellent information at, which may not prevent all leakage, but will at least provide something of an obstacle to the flow, and is much softer.

You can also try a disposable menstrual cup ( I was in a show for an entire month in which I had to pull a feather boa out of my vagina, and this I what I used when I had my period. I found it somewhat difficult to insert, but once in place, it was an effective barrier. Because it's more saucer- than cup-shaped, it takes up width rather than length at the top of the vaginal canal, leaving plenty of room for condoms stuffed with marabou plumes or, for the more conventional gal, penises.

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