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Friday, May 07, 2010


I recently invested in a toy (the Fun Factory Share) that I'm extremely pleased with except for one thing—the head is really pronounced and quite a bit larger than the shaft.

Now, I personally quite like this for myself, but I bought it mainly for fucking a particular guy who, while well acquainted with his ass, is finding the head quite a challenge.

So what I'm wondering is this: is it possible to modify the head, pare it down maybe (yikes!), without ruining the toy? I'm loving the experience of having a cock that's actually connected to me, and we've had a lot of very hot play with it, but I really, really wanna fuck his ass.



AJ, put down the sandpaper, scissors, nail clippers or whatever it is you're holding in your hot little hands and step away from the $120 toy you are about to neuter. We do not compromise the medical-grade silicone of expensive sex toys by doing home surgeries on them; we buy new ones, ones that are more simpatico with the holes we are sticking them in.

You have several negotiable options.

"There are maybe eight or nine toys on the market designed for this purpose," says Cory Silverberg of Come as You Are, meaning ones that can be worn internally while you fuck someone with the other end, harness-free. "Happy Valley makes one, Vixen makes two or three different sizes, as does Tantus."

And there are actually three different sizes of the Share, so maybe you want to look at yours and see if it is, in fact, one of the larger ones.

Silverberg also recommends a nifty and economical piece of techno-logy called The Coupler (go to comeasyouare.com and type it into your search). This allows you to handpick your dicks and join them together as a harness-free unit. If you have dildos you both like already, then 14 bucks is all you'll need to satisfy both your needs.

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