Don’t Have a Hairy

Friday, January 28, 2011


I hate my pubic hair. I like to be as clean, smooth and groomed as possible. I usually do Brazilians, but I hate how I have to let the hair grow so much between waxings. I’ve thought about hair removal cream, but I’m afraid of the chemicals and burning (this might just be my own ignorance) and I want to just shave, but I’m afraid of potentially becoming more vulnerable to disease if I, in some small way, break the skin.


Fact: those creams designed to bleach or remove the hair above your lip could possibly go into your mouth. But if you’re careful, they won’t. If they do somehow make their way in, you rinse them out. I have applied products to my bush that may have included on their list of warning icons a beaver with a strike through it, but here I am only a little worse for wear. I’m not going to recommend anything outright, I’m just going to say that if you do try a depilation cream, don’t open your legs up and frost your labia with it.

Shaving does irritate and occasionally break hardier skin, but anything abrasive – whether chemical or razor – has that potential. But having safer sex with a condom does not completely eliminate the risk of skin-to-skin STIs, and skin-to-skin STIs don’t require broken skin to enter your system.

The hirsute ladies I know are wild for laser. Check it out: