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Friday, May 11, 2012


I have not had sex for a couple of years. Recently I decided to become active again and put a personal ad up on a dating site. I met a hot guy and we got it on, but after we had sex, I had a pretty fair amount of vaginal bleeding. Not as much as a period, and by morning it had stopped. I thought maybe my girl was just out of practice but we had a date two weeks later, and the same thing happened again. Do I need to see a doctor? The only reason I can thing of is that he has a Prince Albert, but one of my long-term boyfriends had his cock pierced, and I never had a problem with it before


It's actually pretty common to experience vaginal bleeding if you have not had intercourse for a while. The fact that your partner had a cock piercing will only create more friction, which increases your chances of bleeding.

Check out the ring and make sure that there are no rough spots on the jewelry. He might also need to change the gauge or diameter of the ring to make it less of a challenge. Cock piercings can play hell with condoms, so make extra sure he can use protection without breaking it.

If you were not using any additional lubrication, that could be the problem. Or you might be using a brand that causes an allergic reaction. You might want to switch to a different brand, one that is extra-gentle. Glycerin is a frequent culprit in causing vaginal irritation.

I'd recommend a trip to your doctor because vaginal infections can also aggravate the lining of your “girl” and cause bleeding. Make sure no trichomoniasis, chlamydia, or bacteria are getting in the way of your good time. If your doctor can't find a reason for the bleeding, you will probably find that it goes away as you have sex on a more regular basis.

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