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Friday, February 10, 2012


I have a boyfriend who plays World at War or Black Ops then gets horny and wants to get laid. Is this okay? It feels weird to me that he wants sex after he has killed all those imaginary people.



Hmmmm. It could be that he is simply full of adrenaline and ego, which makes his dick get hard. But if he doesn't have the smarts to refocus on you, so that you don't wind up feeling like a mere convenience, he's missing a lot of potential fun and pleasure. Most guys, if they were honest, would tell you that erections can be caused by all kinds of nonsexual stuff. But if a guy plans to do more with his erection than just admire it, he needs to give credit to the other person in the room with him.

Unless your boyfriend has shown other signs of being a violent or mean person, I don't think you should to assume that he gets turned on by violence. Computer games that feature combat imagery look a lot scarier than Mario Brothers or a Wii game of golf. But they could have the same “wow I feel great and I want to jump on that” kind of emotion.

The real problem here is a lack of refocusing on yourself, and a lack of foreplay and romance. I hope he can understand that a bit of time spent acknowledging that you are special to him, and that sex is not just about expending excess energy, will do wonders for the relationship and reassure you that he is worth keeping.


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