happy 2011! and sorry for being a deadbeat.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hey, friends and strangers. I hope the first day of 2011 has treated you well, and that the rest of the year does too! For me it has involved too much sugar and not enough yoga, but I’ll remedy that situation tomorrow.

So… I’ve missed you. I last posted here about three months ago, which kinda makes me cringe when I think about it. I have only two words to explain my absence: grad school. Y’know, while I’m super happy that I got into and am finishing an MA program, and even super happier that I got into and have started a PhD program, allow me to give you some unsolicited advice. If you ever have the chance to finish a master’s degree AT THE SAME TIME as you undertake a PhD course load? DON’T. Just don’t. Trust me on this one, ‘kay?

Also, if you know anyone who’s giving away free money these days, send ‘em my way. Holy crap does grad school ever = broke. Yowza.

Anyway. I still had some room for fun in the fall, and I hope you did too. Among other things, the fourth edition of An Unholy Harvest was a smashing success – and our fifth anniversary in October 2011 promises to be one helluva ride!  Also, I had my first turn as a fetish runway model in the most fabulous annual Northbound Leather fashion show yet. Check out the video here if you want a 17-minute taste of it! I admit that seeing myself in that much makeup and hairspray was more than a little terrifying, but the clothes were breathtaking. (In some cases literally… they tightlaced me down to a 22-inch waist for one scene!) And y’know, really, I could hardly complain about getting to wear a leather librarian outfit. Whee!

I still have enough schoolwork left to finish to employ a small village, within deadlines that are, to quote Jeff Bridges in Tron, “really messing with my Zen thing, man!” (Tron is, by the way, remarkably pretty and pleasantly plot-free, in case you were wondering. Great turn-the-brain-off fodder.) So you may not see me here again for another month or so, but I’ll do my best to get back to the usual rhythm ASAP. In the meantime, I just updated my workshops schedule for 2011 – click on my Workshops tab above to check it out. The coming few months will take me to Toronto, Ottawa, Kinkston – uh, I mean, Kingston!, Los Angeles, San Francisco (twice!), Berlin, Amherst, possibly Boston, possibly New York, Vancouver (twice!), Victoria, and possibly Seattle, just for starters. Drop me a line soon if you want to book me for a speaking gig while I’m in or near your town!

Beyond that, if all goes well, my plans for 2011 also include getting at least one book ready for publication, possibly two – one about fisting, and another about the politics of non-monogamy. If you’re an interested publisher, drop me a line and let’s talk! veryqueer3 at yahoo dot ca. I swear, I can TOTALLY do this while working on a PhD, traveling the world, keeping up with two partners and getting enough sleep. For real.

Okay, I’m off to work on a paper. On that note, I bid you Happy New Year. May your 2011 be full of deep delight.


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