He Shoots, He Bores

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am a healthy male just a few months short of my 60th birthday. I am single at present but recently end-ed a year-long relationship. Despite my age, I am highly sexual and masturbate often (20 times a month). Over the last few years, the quantity of semen I produce has diminished to a drop or two, and sometimes I have a dry orgasm. My ability to "launch" it has all but disappeared. I have not had a vasectomy, and wonder if there is a way to increase my semen production. My girlfriends and I have enjoyed the messy kind of sex that copious amounts of semen offers Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I'll implore you (as a woman who falls for anti-aging face creams and miracle hair products on a regular basis) not to buy into any of these wonder pills hawked by porn stars who are famously copious ejaculators. At one point, Peter "The Cumshot Legend" North was selling them on his personal website, but appears to no longer be; you can see his rather flaccid endorsement of others here.

As I've said before, the greatest effect North's pills seem to have had is on the fleet of luxury cars he owns.

As we age, our muscles get a bit soggy, including the ones in the genital area. Women who find themselves peeing a little after they sneeze or laugh are encouraged to strengthen their PC muscles, and I would suggest you try the same. You can find directions (apologies for the bowmp-chika-bowmp music) at kegelexercisesformen.com. This won't necessarily improve your load, but it will help keep your erections and general man area in firmer shape, which helps with a more impressive launch.

Your situation could also be related to a prostate issue, so it's a good idea to have a checkup with your doc. He may then recommend you see a urologist.

On the website Kinsey Confidential, Debby Herbenick says, "It's also worth noting that some research has suggested that body fat distribution may be related to the volume of semen. If you have gained a considerable amount of weight in recent years, it is possible that the weight gain is related to your volume of ejaculate. This is something you can also discuss with your health care provider."

Herbenick recommends the book The New Male Sexuality (Bantam), by Bernie Zilbergeld, as one of interest.

Another way to increase your load, I'm sorry to say, is to refrain from ejaculating, meaning you may want to cut back on your masturbation regime.

And, hey, messy sex doesn't always have to involve your semen. Many women ejaculate themselves, and you can also create the same effect artificially. The lubricant Liquid Silk mimics the texture and colour of semen very well. You're getting on, bud, and your body's changing. Respecting and working with what you've got with some humour and ingenuity goes a long way.

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