Helpful Husband

Thursday, July 07, 2005


My wife and I would like to watch some erotic movies, but I don't want to see any men. (That's a real turn-off for me.) She's interested in lesbian movies, but we'd like to find something more romantic than XXX gonzo porn. Can you recommend some producers or directors I could search for and perhaps some websites that will ship to Canada?


The line between "erotic movies," "XXX gonzo porn" and "romance" are tricky to define for another person. Romantic lesbian films usually don't include much explicit sex, and there aren't a lot of them anyway. But I'll do my best. From this website, you can order a DVD called Pornograflics; which was filmed by an all-dyke crew that also made Where the Boys Aren't. Shelley Taylor of Venus Envy recommends all-girl titles in the "Shane's World" series (although some are mixed-gender). Sir Video has made some women-only movies. A company called 2t Productions distributes soft lesbian porn and can be checked out at For something more gothic, go to The films Les Vampyres and Let the Punishment Fit the Child were directed by the same woman who gave us The Black Glove.

Individual websites will tell you whether they will ship to Canada or not. But it's hard to know exactly what Canadian customs will let into the country and what they will confiscate. Same-sex material is especially vulnerable to seizure, as is material that features any sort of S/M role-playing, anal sex, or fisting. Sodomy may be legal in Canada, but creating, looking at, or distributing pictures of it is dicey.

A safer way to buy adult videos is to visit a local shop. The people behind the counter are usually knowledgeable about their own stock and can tell you which titles might satisfy your requirements. Rent a title before you plunk down the cash it takes to own it. Make sure it's something you'll want to see more than once.