Homeopathy and Herpes

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Herpes are vascular skin eruptions caused by a virus. There are many types of herpes, but here I will only focus on the most common, Herpes Simplex. Herpes simplex is a human DNA virus that produces repeated throbbing eruptions on the genitals, other surfaces where the mucous membranes are pronounced and on the skin. After the initial contact with the skin, the virus travels along nerve fibers to sensory cell bodies, where it establishes an infection that lies dormant. Under certain conditions such as sexual contact, exposure to UV light, illnesses where fever accompanies or any emotional stress, the eruption may reappear as it travels back to the initial point of contact.

Homeopathy is an art and science which is a distinct branch of therapeutics. When homeopathy is practiced at the highest standards, it is the treatment of choice for both acute and chronic conditions. Homeopaths treat those who are sick. Whether the person has an acute or chronic condition, all symptoms physical, mental and emotional comprise an entire state of imbalance to the person. The goal of the physician is to recognize the disturbed state and decide on a particular remedy accordingly. Homeopathy is a tailored medicine to the individual.

The underlying cause of a mistuned body is the susceptibility of the patient. Susceptibility is the imbalance of the organism attributed to several potential factors. A predisposition to illness can be categorized into three groups: susceptibility acquired during life and hereditary dispositions. Second, stress and environment and lastly, hygiene and lifestyle (mental hygiene included).

 Herpes are considered a chronic condition. Unfortunately, conventional medicine continues to suppress herpes which does not cure, but palliates temporarily.

In Homeopathy we work towards eliminating the virus from the body.

 Although herpes should be dealt with chronically with a homeopathic physician, there are some homeopathic first aid remedies which may by quite helpful.

 Homeopathy is a medicine that is based on the law of similars. Homeopathy treats sick people with remedies that in crude doses would produce in healthy people symptoms similar to those of the disease needing to be overcome.Remedies used by homeopathic physicians are devoid of toxic agents and come from only natural substances. Homeopathic remedies are given to stimulate a reaction in the organism. Only living organisms can stimulate itself to heal and the remedies provoke this healing response. Homeopathy targets the fundamental cause of disease. So when taking a remedy you want your symptom picture to match what the remedy is expressing

Natrum Muriatricum is a wonderful remedy for herpes especially on the face in the wings of the nose, about the lips and in the anus. Those who require natrum muriatricum crave salt, are sad and weepy. This person does not want any consolation when they are upset. They wake up unrefreshed from sleep and tend to be quite cold. They are worse from the heat of the sun. Those who require Nat.m, feel better in the open air and from cold bathing. Constipation and hammering headaches at the frontal part of the head are very characteristic of Natrum Muriatricum.

Sepia will also have herpes on the lips and in the genital area. Those who require sepia have most of their symptoms relieved after very intense physical exertion. There is indifference to those that they love and to their occupation. Hair will tend to fall out, especially after headaches. They don’t like to be alone, but are also aggravated in company. Nausea at the sight or smell of food is very characteristic to someone who requires sepia. Constipation is quite common with hard, difficult and knotty stools and the individual does not feel relieved from evacuation.

Rhus Toxicodendron is a great rheumatic remedy that also has pronounced blistering herpes and ulcerated corners of the mouth. As well as, itching vesicular eruptions on the lips. There is also extreme stiffness in the joints. If the patient has a lot of swelling, burning and itchiness, this is a great remedy to consider. As a side note, this is a wonderful remedy for sciatica and for the flu where there is great pain in the bones with profuse sneezing and coughing.

These are the main remedies for herpes, but there are many more.

How To Take the Remedy

Best to take the remedy at the onset of the eruption orally. Place two pellets under the tongue and let dissolve. Best not to eat or drink anything twenty minutes before or after taking the remedy.

It is best to take the remedy in a 200CH potency. At the same time, place one pellet in a 1/2 cup of clean (filtered or distilled) water and let the pellet dissolve. Then you can pour the solution topically on the infected area. By taking the remedy orally targets the problem at a deeper level.

If there is no movement with the remedies mentioned above, seek out a homeopathic physician who will be able to work with your entire chronic picture.

Rachel Levine, DSHomMed is a homeopathic physician with a diverse practice. She sees many different chronic and acute conditions. Her areas of specialization are fertility, mental health and women’s health. Rachel’s research has predominately been working with people who are intersex. Her intersex work has been published in the journal Homeopathy affiliated with the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. She is currently doing a MSc in integrated health with a focus on Homeopathic research.

To contact: www.helathfirst.me

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