Just Passing Bi?

Friday, April 30, 2010


I consider myself "sort of" bisexual, in that I've had an encounter with another male that ended up with me giving him a hand job. I've never seen a male on the street whom I've thought was "hot" or wanted to have sex with, but the imagery of porn—penis in butthole, penis in mouth—is almost exclusively what I beat off to. Aside from the genitalia, I have no aspirations to find a male mate. As a matter of fact, males in the real world hold no attractions for me whatsoever. What the hell is up with me?



I spend a lot of time talking to people about their tastes in pornography, and let me tell you, B, it's a rare person who doesn't get off on something he or she has no interest in enacting in real life. Years ago these conversations began with a conspiratorial sheepishness. Now I find most people whose sexuality may not reflect their taste in porn are fairly open about their viewing pleasures. They get it: it's a fantasy. They won't lose their lesbian badge because they like watching boys fuck. I'm not going to have my head shaved and be paraded through the streets because I like watching anal gangbangs.

You, though, have carried your fantasies into the real world. What does this make you? Just another "sort of" bisexual guy who likes giving the occasional hand job in porn theatres. See that guy sitting beside you? He's one, too.

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