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Friday, November 18, 2005


Recently, I've read about research done by Kinsey regarding penis lengths. I'm 5.51" when erect (14 cm), and as far as I can conclude, 80% of men are above me. Does that mean my penis is small or below the average? I'm concerned obsessively about this matter, and I want to know the truth.


Well, the truth is that it's notoriously difficult to do research on penis length. The first question is, where do you measure from? If you measure along the top of the penis, from the belly to the piss slit, you're going to get a smaller number than if you measure along the bottom, where the scrotum hits the tummy. And do you measure while you are flaccid or when you have an erection? Are you allowed to stretch it out if it's not hard? Once you have decided all that and collected your data, though, you have to ask if your sample is representative of the entire population. Kinsey did not achieve this. He had a very large sample, but it was not adjusted according to the census data about race, class, and other demographic characteristics.

So all we really know is that according to the average penis length of the men that Kinsey studied, you have a smaller (very slightly smaller) penis than the average.

Your cock is certainly big enough to have intercourse. It's a nice size for pain free fucking. Please do not make the mistake of assuming that your dick is your most important sex organ. Even guys with huge cocks are a bore in bed if they don't know how to kiss, caress breasts or nipples, massage backs, hold their partners, talk to them, lick them, bite them, and talk to them some more.

If you happen to find a partner who wants deeper penetration, you can always use a toy. Some dildos are made with a hollow base so they can be worn as penis extenders. But the guys I know who have tried that found that it was difficult to keep the dildo on their cocks. So they wound up manipulating the dildo inside of their partners while she gave them a hand job or sucked them off. This can be a nice game, a long tease, face-to-face, with a penalty for the person who comes first. Making up flirtatious games and acting out core fantasies is the mark of a gifted lover, I think.

If you wanted to be in a porn video, you would be in trouble. But if you just want to have good sex with somebody you care about, you won't have a problem—unless you are so busy obsessing about your own sex organ that you wind up ignoring his or hers!

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