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Friday, June 26, 2009


Do any of the methods or devices advertised for breast enlargement actually work? I am asking for my partner, who is self-conscious about her small breasts. I think she looks very pretty, and in fact could be a fashion model, but when we are out, she is always comparing herself to women with larger busts. I have even considered secretly saving up money to get her a breast enlargement but surgery seems like a far too radical solution. Wouldn't there be scars? Her nipples are very sensitive, and when I can get her in a good mood, she seems to really enjoy the way that I touch them. I know I like this! So is there a massage method, a pump, acupressure, or anything else that might help? Ironically, I am actually


You are correct in your assumption that breast enlargement has all the usual risks of surgery. Although a good plastic surgeon will leave minimal scarring, there will of course be some evidence that a surgical procedure took place. A risk that concerns me more, since your girl enjoys nipple play, is the potential (more like certain) loss of sensation. This "side effect" tends to get downplayed in the literature, but I have spoken with several women who have had the size of their breasts altered. All of them reported they had less or even no sensation after breast enlargement or reduction.

Sadly, none of the other methods advertised have much credibility. I wouldn't waste my time or money on them. The only natural form of breast enlargement is pregnancy, and those effects are usually temporary.

I don't know how many girlfriends you've had. But if you've been with more than two women for more than ten minutes, you will probably notice that just about every woman compares herself unfavorably to an unrealistic ideal. Brunettes feel they should be blonde. Short luscious girls want to be tall. Curvy girls want to lose weight. Girls with cute butts feel they look too big. We live in a culture that takes a very critical stance toward women's bodies. Women are encouraged to think that they will only feel good about themselves if they spend money on cosmetics, clothes, gym memberships, yoga, manicures, etc., etc., etc.

One of the DOB (Duties of a Boyfriend) is to help your woman resist this bullshit. Sometimes it's a matter of just listening while she obsesses or complains or cries. Sometimes it's a matter of driving her to the damn hair salon and telling her she looks fabulous when she gets out. Sometimes you have to firmly and gently contradict her when she runs herself down and be willing to demonstrate the fact that you think she is the most beautiful female on the planet.

If you can do this, you will become an extremely valuable guy. You'll also probably reap big rewards in bed. According to your e-mail, you are able to take this woman's mind off her self-criticism so effectively that she actually allows you to touch an especially unloved part of her body (and allows herself to enjoy the feeling of being touched). This is huge.

In fact, you are already doing the best kind of therapy there could possibly be for her small breasts—the experience of being loved in spite of [perceived] imperfections, and the opportunity to perhaps leave self-doubt behind and enjoy a state of perpetual, appropriately-sized, self-love.

See how good you are?

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