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Friday, June 11, 2010


I consider myself a lesbian-leaning bisexual, dominant switch. I love all sorts of women and men, but if there is one type that absolutely drives me wild, it's female-identified cross-dressing straight men. I know that's not exactly lesbian, but the thought of pushing a woman up against a wall, reaching into her panties and finding a cock.... Oh, the places we could go! The games we could play! Where can I find guys like this?



Being bisexual isn't exactly lesbian either, Gertrude, so you might as well just rip the label off and join the fray.

From experience, I can tell you that the best place in Toronto to find cross-dressing straight men is at Goodhandy's. And if you're interested specifically in those who identify as female, you might try posting an ad on good old Craigslist citing your specifics, and then screen candidates. Any way you proceed, Goodhandy's is a welcoming venue in which to meet up.

Owners Todd and Mandy are dealing with a lot of controversy around their decision to take the position of grand marshals of Pride this year after Dr. Alan Li declined, protesting Pride's censorship of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. I'll admit I was one person strongly discouraging them from accepting this honour, and I wish they'd rescinded, but I still offer them luck leading the parade.

I can't think of better people to send off this ignoble time in Pride Toronto's history than these two pariahs, and I appreciate the message they're advancing: the decriminalization of sex work. Homos, too, have fought for centuries to abolish criminal penalties around the most basic of their life choices. How totally fucking crappy that the very event our defiant forequeers created to expose these injustices is now perpetrating them against us.

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