Lord of the Gays

Monday, January 31, 2011


I am a gay man and have been gay since the moment I opened my eyes. I would barely breastfeed – that’s how gay I am. I am gay

Recently I have found myself attracted to a trans guy. There was no awkward moment; I knew right away that he was trans. I didn’t make out with him, and, much to my surprise, found out he had a vagina. This is what makes it all the more surprising to me. I am a cock-hungry faggot. But this boy, he’s got a vagina. I am afraid to take this further, should I be repulsed by the sight of it and hurt his feelings. I am not prepared to be this cruel, but the urge to get it on, in whatever form that takes, is getting too hot to handle. 


Thank you, Boy, for making your gayness clear. It is unfortunate that being gay for you includes a deep fear and revulsion of the vagina, though this is not unique to gay men. Occasionally, I find myself alarmed by the vagina. It has many mysterious features – kind of like a clothes dryer.

I will spare you the “gender and desire are fluid” speech, Boy and just throw some stuff at you to read: nymag.com/news/intelligencer/66064: New York Magazine discovers the new trend of gay men fuck-ing trans guys and incurs the pre-dictable wrath over language, assumptions, labelling etc; queertransmen.org: a site born in conjunction with a pamphlet created in
Toronto by a bunch of trans men and their bio dude allies and lovers about health and such; xtra.ca/public/viewstory.aspx?AFF_TYPE=3&STORY_ID=3741&PUB_TEMPLATE_ID=1: a story by Shawn Syms, who is a really good writer (you should read his other stuff, too); notanotheraiden.com/faq: a homo trans man’s blog about being a homo trans man. 

From his FAQ: “Ok. Do I have to go near… that?

“Again, depends on the guy. Me?  You’re not going near it. I can’t even say the name – sorry. Other guys enjoy it, have pet names (bonus hole, cockpit, front hole, trannycave) and take joy in being comfortable with the parts they were given.  You’ll have to ask.  And I mean ask, not assume and suddenly stick a finger (or more) up there. That’s a good way to get you decked no matter who you’re sleeping with.

“So you don’t have a penis and do have a vagina. Are you really even men?

“Is Mr. Bobbit still a man? Is a man with a bionic dick due to cancer of the penis still a man? What about a guy who got his junk blown off in war? There is more to being a man than a penis. Just as all of the men mentioned didn’t suddenly become women, trans men are not women simply by virtue of not possessing a penis.”

Sort it out, Boy. 

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