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Monday, January 31, 2011


My husband and I are happily married Christians who have spent 17 years in a monogamous marriage. We have a goal this year, and that is to experiment a little more. We are looking for other Christian couples who have opened their marriages up and perhaps wrestled with the repercussions of this, and would like to know how they have reconciled their beliefs with their needs. 


Liberated Christians (libchrist.com) is a group in Phoenix dedicated in part to helping “Christians overcome traditions with no Biblical basis.” I contacted them but haven’t heard back about groups they might know in Toronto, but in my own experience, all you have to do is attend any swinger or sex club and you will meet folks stepping out on God. They may not open up about this to their church and community, but there they are, practising up for hell by sitting in a caldron full of boiling water with a hodgepodge of others similarly bound.

Given that much Christian doctrine was invented in defiance of nature, it seems its followers will always have issues reconciling Scripture with the demands of their bodies. It takes a very lenient eye to misread things like the 7th Commandment along with all the other references to not lusting after or banging other people’s wives, premarital or extramarital sex and the whole Adam and Eve paradigm. When people attempt to satisfy both their desires and dogma, they are bound to run into a conflict or some very wildly divergent interpretations.

You can find an authority to back you up on almost anything you want to do (from killing hookers to having orgies) while still remaining a Christian. To me, it’s kind of like basing your life on something as random as, say, the lyrics to Led Zeppelin II – except that would have the added advantage of tolerance.

I like to imagine being granted intervenor status in a legal case that violates the Canadian Charter and be-ginning my argument with the line, “Your Honour, as Robert Plant says, ‘Squeeze my lemon till the juice runs down my leg,’ and then being given the opportunity to argue how this, as a tenet of my faith and therefore a legitimate perspective, pertains to the case. 

But back to you guys. 

I would encourage you to do a couple of things. One would be to start a Facebook group seeking out community and friends. Another would be to post on Craigslist. Both these things can be done anonymously. On the earthly plane, at any rate.

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