Love Taps 17 June 2005

Friday, June 17, 2005



I am a gay boy who is really curious about experimenting with anal sex. But I am really paranoid that I won't be clean up there. How can I make sure that my boyfriend doesn't end up with a nasty surprise?


Well, if you don't want your boyfriend to get poop on his dick, you've got to make sure there's no waste products in your lower colon when he penetrates you. Everybody's body is built differently. Some people find that they can take a finger or a cock without making contact with fecal matter because it's stored higher up in their body. For others, it's necessary to have a small enema before anal exploration. Go to the drugstore and buy an enema kit, the kind that looks like a hot water bottle. Take the red rubber bag home and fill it with tepid water. You don't want to use water hot enough to burn or cold water that will make your intestines cramp. Lubricate the nozzle of the enema hose and insert it. This is sometimes easier to do if you are lying on your side. Put a disposable changing pad under yourself to catch any water that might accidentally escape, so you don't soak the bed or the bathroom rug. There is a clip on the hose that should be undone to allow water to flow into your body. Instead of just letting it go, keep some pressure on the hose with your fingers so that you have a slow and gentle entry of fluid. Filling up your bowel too quickly can cause painful contractions.

When you feel that you need to empty your bowel, cut off the water, remove the nozzle, and use the toilet. You will probably find that the enema is effective long before the entire bag of water has emptied. Walk around for a few minutes to make sure you have gotten rid of all of the water. Some people will need to return to the bathroom two or three times to evacuate the entire enema. Some people need more than one attempt in order to get completely clean.

Enemas can be debilitating. Be sure to keep your blood sugar normal, perhaps with some juice, or drink some Gatorade or other sport drink to keep your electrolytes normal. Don't overdo it. You only need to clean out about ten inches of your lower bowel in order to be squeaky-clean for anal play with a cock or dildo. Time your enema session so that it takes place an hour or two before you have sex, so you can regain some energy and make sure that there's no water lurking above that may interrupt your sexual encounter.

Guys (or women) who get into anal sex as bottoms often find it helpful to monitor their diets before a big night of partying. They'll avoid foods that upset their digestion or constipate them. Instead of heavy meat-and-potato meals, they'll select fish and steamed vegetables. High-fiber diets that keep your colon healthy are also good for anal sex bottoms' hygiene.

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