Love that Booty

Monday, July 06, 2015


Dear Patrick: My wife and I would like to try anal sex. I only had two serious girlfriends before I met her. Both of them liked it a lot, so I think my technique is okay. I have missed anal sex a lot, and was really looking forward to making it fun for my wife. But after expressing a lot of enthusiasm, my wife is asking a question that I never heard before and I don’t know how to answer. She wants to know if coming inside of someone’s butt will cause an infection.—Love that Booty




Dear Booty Lover: If a man has a disease that can be sexually transmitted, anal sex can give that disease to his partner. This is why it’s important to get screened for syphilis and gonorrhea, hepatitis and HIV, and monitor yourself for any signs of herpes, genital warts, or other STI'S (sexually-transmitted infections).

However, if you don't have an infection, having anal sex without a condom won’t give his partner an infection. Semen alone won’t injure the tissues of the rectum. Most of the lubricant and any other “foreign substances” will soon be eliminated from the body by natural processes.

It does sound as if your wife is concerned that anal sex might be bad, wrong, or dirty. Give her a chance to talk out her fears, this will help her to relax. Sometimes, of course, a feeling that one is doing something terribly naughty can be exploited to cause more excitement, which also helps relaxation.

Editors note - here's a bit more info about anal pleasure and health: