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Friday, July 02, 2010


I read the letter from the girl who wanted to take her boyfriend for a lesbian massage and he refused to go. Too bad for him. I'd love for my wife to ask me the same, for the answer would be yes. Here's my question: do you think it's okay for me to arrange a lesbian massage for my wife as a surprise without her advance knowledge? She's not a lesbian and is very shy and conservative, but I've read that most women can go either way. Is that true? It's my fantasy to watch my wife 69 with another woman. If you happen to have the name or address of where the letter-writer went, let me have it. I know this is about me wanting to watch this beautiful event, but if she enjoys it she'll thank me later for the different pleasures that only a woman can give.



I can't say for certain this is the worst idea you've ever had (the fact that you've had it in the first place suggests there is a treasure trove of others), but let's put it in the top five just to be generous.

KCB, we do not spring surprise sex workers on our shy and conservative wives as gifts that are not really gifts for them but for ourselves. It's fine to tactfully raise the idea, but ask any sex worker who has been on the receiving end of this how it usually goes and he/she will tell you it ain't pretty. For anyone.

As for how to raise this matter with your wife, your best bet, though it's often rebuffed, is fantasy—as in "I have this fantasy" or, even better, "What are your fantasies?"

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