Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm new to this whole thing, having just moved away from my boyfriend and trying a long-distance relationship. I'm looking for a waterproof vibrator. I'm a student so budget is an issue. Do you have any recommendations?


Sex toys are such personal items that individual taste varies a great deal. I think this is one of the hardest gifts to pick out for somebody else. First, there's the question of how the toy will be used. Do you want it just for clitoral stimulation, for vaginal fullness, G-spot activation, anal invasion, or will it be used on somebody else, perhaps in a harness? Then there are aesthetic issues. Do you want something futuristic and modern, or an old-fashioned dildo that looks like a penis? Does the color matter? Health concerns come up. Are you allergic to latex? Do you prefer toys that are made out of silicone only? And there's also questions of structure, texture, and firmness. Do you want a vibrator with a shaft that's straight up and down, or with swirls and bumps? Should the head be kinda pointed or big and fat? Do you want a smooth, hard plastic or a substance that is more rubbery that "gives" when you squeeze it? See what I mean?

Nevertheless, I took a look at the Venus Envy website and asked it to search for waterproof vibrators. It gave me a long list of many items, one of which should fit both your budget and your other needs and preferences. Price ranged from $20 for the Three-Speed Bullet to $169.95 for the Fun Factory Delight. If you want something tiny, cheap, and discreet, the Three-Speed Bullet might be just the thing. It can be adjusted to different vibe speeds, and has positive reviews from customers. If you'd like something versatile that can feel good rubbed on the clit or probing for the G-Spot, consider the Slim G-Spotter ($29.95). It has several speeds and looks like a small egg on a slender wand. A toy that could go inside or outside is the Heartbreaker, a silicone dildo that vibrates and can be taken in the shower. For $79.95, it'll give you an extra-quiet ride. The head is gently curved, so it has some potential as a G-spot toy as well.

For penetration, there's the Perk, a slender dildo that can be used in a harness. It comes with a bullet that can be inserted to make it vibrate. This is a toy that will fit well for women who like to feel full without being stretched wide, wide open. $69.95 gets you all this well-designed silicone. A fatter cousin that would provide an entirely different kind of feeling is the Hottie Extra, $89.95, which also comes with a vibrating bullet to provide you with many sensational options. This dildo/vibrator is built to take care of those of us who like a wider rather than longer phallic object.

Take a look at the web site. New items are added all the time. Don't forget to research some lube as well. Being in the shower can wash away your own slickness. Toys are rated so you can tell how powerful they are and how noisy or quiet. I hope you'll find just the right companion to carry you through this separation.

Let me remind our other readers that many vibrators CANNOT be taken into ashower, hot tub, or bathtub. Vibrators that plug into the wall are not safefor watery environments unless the manufacturer SPECIFICALLY markets it forthat purpose. Even some vibrators with batteries are not waterproof. A plug-in vibrator is like any other electrical appliance in that it can't be usedin or around water. Many battery-operated vibes aren't waterproof, so youcan damage them by taking them into water. Ask your friendly local sex toydealer and read the packages for more information before making yourpurchase.

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