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Friday, November 26, 2010


I am enlisting in the U.S. military. I want a career that will let me support my wife and child. But I was wondering if I should take care of something personal before I go to boot camp. My weird hippie parents never got me circumcised. I took a lot of teasing from other guys in school, and I am still self-conscious about using public facilities. Is it possible to get this done as an adult? How painful is it, and how long is the recovery time? Would it be covered by my insurance? Do you know if men who get this done regret it later?


Circumcision seems to be on its way out, even in America, the last bastion of routine clipping. Insurance companies are becoming reluctant to cover it for infants. Your treatment may or may not be covered; you'd have to check on your individual policy. If you had a medical problem that made circumcision necessary (such as an excessively tight foreskin that made erections painful or interfered with urination), coverage might be more likely.

Doctors do perform circumcision on adult men. The procedure is usually done with a local anesthetic, in the office. Hospitalization is rarely necessary. The wound heals within a couple of weeks. Pain varies with the individual, since everyone has a different level of sensitivity. Some long-term adjustments may be necessary since erections and sex will feel different.

I can understand why you want to fit in and avoid ridicule. But given changing attitudes toward this practice, you may not be the only guy in your unit who is intact. Are you prepared to accept the fact that your cock will become less sensitive? The foreskin protects the delicate tissues of the shaft and  cock head, and preserves nerve endings. The presence of a foreskin also makes intercourse feel different to a woman. I don't know what your wife's opinion is, but you might want to talk this over with her before you make a final decision. Of course, if you aren't vigilant about hygiene, she might want the foreskin gone, since it can also accumulate perspiration, precome, and rather too much musk for the sensitive schnozz.

Do men regret getting circumcised? Yes. A lot of them are quite angry about undergoing this procedure long before they could have any say about it. The ratio of pro- versus anti-circumcision in my letters from readers is about one to 50. For every guy who wants to get clipped, there are a bunch more who wish it had never happened. They may believe that a foreskin would improve their appearance or sex lives, or they may just feel traumatized about having an adult caretaker agree to lop off a sensitive part of their little bodies.

I guess I tend to think that if something ain't broke, you shouldn't fix it. I refused to have my own son circumcised, so I guess I am not objective about this issue. Do some more research, talk to your doctor and your wife, and see if you still want to get it done. It's no big deal from a medical standpoint, but emotionally and psychologically, it may be a lot more major decision.

And while we are on the topic of major life changes, can I just point out that there is something ironic in deciding to join the military so you can support your family? Getting shot at and possibly killed won't exactly keep them afloat. Wouldn't a couple years in a trade school give you a new career without the risk of death? Just promise me you'll mull it over.

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