No Need For a Hair Shirt

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I’ve been an avid hair lover as far back as I can remember. And by that I mean I love female body hair. I have a real weakness for hairy underarms, but I love it all.

Recently single, I’m finding it’s not easy in this age of permanent hair removal to meet a hairy lady who accepts herself and does not fall victim to the popular trend of “no hair is best.” I know my request is uncommon and disgusting to some, but to me a hairy woman is at her natural best. I also believe that other men out there share these thoughts but would never speak about it openly.

Was I just born in the wrong place at the wrong time or are there hairy women out there who accept their hairiness and wish to share it with those who can really appreciate it? Where and how do I start?


No big deal, Hair. The good thing about internet dating is that you can mention any special requests in advance. For example, “I like Soundgarden, vintage cars, urban gardening and I prefer a woman who doesn’t shave.”

No need to get all florid and sinister about it, like you’re going to spend eight hours huffing someone’s ass crack and such. Just a casual mention should provide you with many at-trac-tive options. Believe me, plenty of women do not shave. A quick scope of the change room at the Y provides much splendid evidence of this fact.

And not to pander to stereotypes, but sometimes women active in social justice issues are a little more lax with the razor. Spring is on its way, and in no time at all smart, angry ladies in tank tops should be pumping their fists in the street over some issue or another. There are worse reasons to fight the right than to get laid, Hair.