O Captain! My Captain!

Friday, June 03, 2011


My girlfriend and I are lovingly involved in a D/s relationship, with her in the captain’s chair, so to speak. We love our play, and we love others to join in that play, and all generally goes well. But, I’m an irregular size (18-inch neck, XL head and thick wrists and ankles), so I have a hard time finding things that fit well, such as collars, masks and cuffs – leather or otherwise. Very few places stock good-quality items, and they all come at an exorbitant price. You buy cheap, it doesn’t last; you buy expensive, it doesn’t fit quite right anyway.

Where can I find good-quality leather toys without breaking the bank? I’ve seen collarfactory.com and like the idea, but I was hoping to find the same concept in a local store where I could touch and feel the product before construction.

And, not in any way related to the above question, a couple of years ago you mentioned something about the Tantus Cowboy, an extremely long and daunting ass-tastic toy that you would be impressed to see pushed entirely into the confines of a man’s body. I wanted to know if you’ve found anybody up to the task so far.


As a matter of fact, I did manage to find a gentleman to take the toy. By “gentleman” I mean a redheaded rogue, and by “take the toy” I don’t mean “Take it, bitch!” but just that he up and took it. I have not heard from him since, though every once in a while he emails me photos of himself and one of his friends dressed in the most frightful drag. Honestly, what is it with boys and Chardonnay? Two glasses and they break out the rayon blouses and gauchos.

I’m afraid you’re right when you say when you buy cheap it doesn’t last – but this also goes for people who don’t have such impressive extremities. (Would you be allowed to tell me if you were the Incredible Hulk? I swear I wouldn’t tell anyone outright if you were – maybe just make some subtle suggestions like the ones above regarding Ginger and the Cowboy.)

Meantime, I have some excellent news: ASLAN Leather makes any of its stock items in larger sizes at no extra cost.

We believe people should not be persecuted financially because of their individual body type,” says proprietor Carrie Gray. To place your order, just put your size requirements in the comments box when you land in the checkout at aslanleather.com.

In Toronto, you can visit the ASLAN studio by appointment. Send an email through the “contact us” link on aslanleather.com or call 416-306-0462.

I’ve also been told that if you join the “Kinky Items For Sale” group on fetlife.com, there are people and stores catering to those of larger size.

Editors note - you may also place special orders for Aslan products through either of the Venus Envy stores.

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