Ottawa Winter 2018 Workshop Schedule + BONUS Gift Guide!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Our Winter Workshop Schedule is Here!

If you're still searching for a unique gift idea, we'd like to humbly suggest reserving spots in one (or more!) of our workshops. They make a great gift that's also a fun date or a night out with friends.

Here, we've paired each workshop with a related product we recommend. We love the idea of giving these alongside a workshop ticket. That way, your pal has a new toy to play with in the moment, and an experience to look forward to in the future.

And if you're not sure which workshop they'd like best, you can always grab a gift card and print out our full workshop schedule, with some of your suggestions highlighted.
'Tis (always) the season for educated pleasure!

Mouthing Off: All About Oral

January 9, 6:30pm
$20 ($10 sliding scale)

Great head: the gift that keeps on giving.This workshop is a combo of fellatio and cunnilingus, so you can pick up tips for going down on anyone. Learn More

Paired with Sliquid Pina Colada Flavoured Lube, $16.95: An all-natural, sugar-free flavoured lube that you can use while going down on anyone. Lube makes most sex feel even better, and can really increase oral sensations.

Knotty Fun: An Intro to Rope Bondage

January 22, 6:30pm
$20 ($10 sliding scale)

A 101-level workshop for anyone who wants to learn more about bondage. Pick up a new skill in the new year! Learn More

Paired with Twisted Monk Rope Starter Kit, $89.95: This kit features everything you need to get your start, including 3 lengths of Twisted Monk's vegan, hand-made, ethically-sourced rope. Comes in a rainbow of colours!

Erotic Talk: Talking Dirty for Everyone

February 5, 6:30pm
$20 ($10 sliding scale)

Do the words "Talk Dirty to Me" leave you tongue-tied or panicky? We can help!  Learn More

Paired with 100 Questions About Sex, $22.95: This deck of cards is fantastic for getting a conversation started about sex, and you can use it with anyone from a long-term lover to a one-night stand.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Porn

February 6, 6:30pm
$10 ($5 sliding scale)

This workshop offers strategies for starting a meaningful conversation about porn with kids and youth of all ages. Learn More

Paired with Sex is a Funny Word, $23.95: This is one of our favourite resources for talking to kids about sex! It's comprehensive, warm, and includes all kinds of people and bodies.

The Big O!

February 12, 6:30pm
$20 ($10 sliding scale)

Just in time for Valentine's Day, this workshop covers our favourite tips and tricks for women to have bigger, better, and more frequent orgasms. Can you think of a better gift?  Learn More

Paired with 7 Speed Bullet, $29.95: Many people need some kind of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and a small vibe like this one is great for solo or partnered play. Plus the gold makes it extra festive!

Whip It Good!: A 101 Guide to Power Play and Kink

February 27, 6:30pm
$20 ($10 sliding scale)

A beginner-level workshop for anyone who wants to learn more about BDSM. Learn More

Paired with BDSM Master Kit, $99.95: This ten-piece, vegan kit is so useful for beginners who want to quickly build a collection. 

Going Down: A Guide to Fellatio

March 5, 6:30pm
$20 ($10 sliding scale)

Want to give your pal the blowjob of their life? Then this workshop is for you! Fun to attend with a partner or a group of friends. Learn More

Paired with The Bro Sleeve, $12.95: Amp up the sensation of your blowjob with this toy! Put a little lube inside the sleeve and use it to stroke the base of the penis, while using your mouth around the head. 

Be A Fabulous Femdom

with Luna Matatas!
March 16, 8:30pm
$25 ($15 sliding scale)

Explore being a femdom with curiosity, playfulness, and confidence. Learn More

Paired with Bondage Tape, $12.95: Bondage tape sticks to itself, so you just wrap it around a few times for quick and easy restraints. Keep a roll in your bag and be ready to tie someone up at any time.

Strap-On Fundamentals

with Luna Matatas!
March 17, 7:30pm
$25 ($15 sliding scale)

Curious about strapping it on for a partner? This workshop covers all the basics, and YES - there will be air thrusting!! Learn More

Paired with The Bend Over Beginner Kit, $119.95: This kit is a great deal! Includes two silicone dildos, a mini vibrator and an adjustable
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