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Friday, October 28, 2016


Dear Patrick: I recently ran into a clip of another guy pumping his cock. It just fascinated me, but I was also worried about damage. How long can you do something like that without hurting your cock? Also, in the case of someone who was born without a natural penis, would pumping be of any help in passing so that person would not have to talk about being transgender?


Dear Danger Boy: Pumping is done by putting a clear plastic cylinder, shaped kind of like a test tube, over your genitals or nipples or other sensitive body part. The closed end of the cylinder has an attachment for a vacuum pump that gradually sucks air out of the tube. In order for this to work, the open end of the cylinder has to form a seal against the skin. So you may need to shave and apply a thick lubricant to act as a seal. As air leaves the cylinder, the tissue inside it swells up, creating a dramatic difference in size and sensation. This swelling is not permanent, but it can last varying amounts of time once the vacuum pump is removed and the cylinder loosens, breaking the seal. The effect is sort of like what you get with a cock ring, only to the tenth power.

In order to hurt your cock (or other pumped-up part), you would have to really overdo the pumping. Before you saw any nerve damage, you would notice that the little blood vessels on the surface of the skin had burst, causing bruises or blisters. There could also be quite a bit of numbness.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved pumping devices as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), but pumping is no easy substitute for the hard cock produced by arousal. In my experience, cis-gender men who pump often don’t get an erection hard enough for anal sex. They may be able to insert the pumped-up penis for vaginal intercourse. This activity may stimulate the confidence of the man who uses the pump because his cock looks bigger, thus making it easier for him to relax and get aroused. It may also be that if your ED is caused by inadequate blood circulation, the pump would draw more blood into the penis, which would also make a natural erection easier to achieve. I would recommend the use of a cock ring as soon as the device is removed so the gain in size or firmness can be maintained.

To be honest, a firm, excited blowjob would probably do even more good for a man in this situation. As men get older, it sometimes takes more than the sight of a naked body to arouse them. They need manual or oral stimulation to get erect. It’s sad to understand that in many straight relationships, this isn’t accepted as a normal part of lovemaking. During my stint in the sex industry, I was absolutely shocked by how many men would pay for blowjobs because it just wasn’t something that could happen in their marriages. Honestly, that’s just ridiculous.

On-line letters allegedly written by users will claim that pumping devices can permanently increase the size of one’s equipment. This is supposed to be impossible, but I’m not so sure that it is. The penis is made out of pretty elastic tissue, or an erection would not be possible in the first place. As long as you are playing within reasonable limits, it can’t hurt to try. If your goal is size increase, it’s better to pump a modest amount on a consistent basis—perhaps every other day—than to pump extremely once a month. Talk to other guys who use these toys (really use them, not just shill for the manufacturers), and see what they recommend. Just remember that this is at your own risk. Start slow and take it easy.

In addition to cisgender men pumping merrily away, there are some transmen who use pumps as a way to increase the size of their sex organs. Testosterone already causes growth in that department, but usually not enough to mimic the size of a cis-gender man’s penis. I have yet to see a pumped-up transdick that would do that, either. But that doesn’t mean that pumping can’t be fun in its own right. There are a lot of on-line resources to check this out. You could start with, Joshua Riverdale’s FTM Pumping Primer.

I do know another trick, which is to keep the cylinder on, insert that into a hollow dildo, and then use that for fucking. The vacuum cylinder makes a dildo harness unnecessary, which is aesthetically and sexually appealing to some guys.

This does raise the question of how long you can leave one of the vacuum cylinders on. There is no universal answer that will fit every fan of pumping. You need to experiment and see what works with your body. It’s common to begin by pumping for only a minute or two, taking the cylinder off, enjoying yourself, then repeating the experience in ten minutes or so. Other guys can extend this time, but with discretion and careful exploration. You only get one set of genitals in this life, so even if you are not terribly happy with the cock you’ve got, it’s important not to damage it.

Would this make it possible for a transman to have sex without coming out as trans? It depends on how observant his partner is and what kind of sex they are having, I guess. In general, I would caution against trying pumping for this reason. You’ll probably be disappointed. It’s more like a new sort of sex toy. It looks cool, it changes the way everything “down there” feels, and it’s just one more thing to do with yourself or a buddy on an otherwise boring Saturday night. Transdick should be appreciated in its own right, for its own uniquely masculine appearance.

Pumps have also been used to increase nipple size or just exercise control over somebody else’s tits. (The size of the cylinder has to change to accommodate the size of what you are going to engorge.) Pretty much the same precautions apply. Be especially careful if you’ve got pierced nipples—you don’t want to tear the channel of the piercing! A fully-healed piercing should be able to stand up to a reasonable level of pumping.

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