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Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm an artist who has been producing free animations for a segment of the online fetish community for many years. I've always worked under a pseudonym, enforcing a strict division between my NSFW and SFW stuff. The problem is that "real" jobs have become harder to find, and fans of my kinky stuff have suggested for years that I make more complete animations and sell them online. I'm bored with the simple stuff I've been putting out for free, too, but making 3D animations on my own takes a lot of time and effort.

I understand that there's no way I'd make a living off of this, and most of it will end up on YouTube and torrent sites, but I know a few fans who would pay, and a little money on the side would be nice.

My worries: the clips won't sell, my cover will be blown, and my (and possibly my spouse's) regular career will suffer.

My questions: are there online venues that pay people for original, adult content, and can guarantee some kind of anonymity? Is there a way I could go about creating my own "clips4sale" site, and remain anonymous? As far as getting paid is concerned, I know that PayPal won't support adult content. Are there any reputable and discreet alternatives for accepting payment?

Buffalo Bellycan


"There is a way to make a living out of this," says Audrey, a marketing manager for a large adult affiliate network, "Toon and 3D animation porn is booming right now and finding good, reliable animators is difficult. In my opinion though, establishing your own clip4sale type of site is really not the way to go unless you already know a ton about traffic, micro billing and affiliate marketing. You'll end up putting forth a huge amount of effort with very little return. You can make money by creating semi-exclusive and exclusive content sets and selling them to adult publishers. You can work anonymously and hide behind your own company name. You can also state specifically that your company name not be attached to any of the front ends your content will appear on. We recently acquired some custom/exclusive 3D sets that kind of pushed boundaries and the artist stated specifically to not his name and company name attached to this stuff ever."

To get started, set up an account with Go Fuck Yourself (www.gfy.com), the adult industry's biggest and most active business board. "Introduce yourself, start posting some of your work and offer up your first semi-exclusive set for sale," says Audrey, "Semi-exclusive means that you can sell licenses of your set to let's say 10 or 15 different publishers. Continue to promote your work on the board and go to industry shows and promote your work. Eventually publishers will approach you to create exclusive custom projects for them. There are not too many full-time, good 3D artists out there so this could happen fast if you promote yourself properly."

Audrey also suggests setting yourself up with a site with prices and portfolio. As for collecting payment, an Epass account will do the trick. "Oh and sign up for an icq account," says Audrey. "It's old school, but pretty much all adult business is done via icq or Skype." If you want to learn about the who's who of the adult industry, www.xbiz.com is the website to do it. "It's a good place to build a mailing list, spec out what company is doing what, get yourself listed in the resource section and find out about industry events," says Audrey. Setting up a profile on www.xbiz.net, is also good way to make connections and drum up business.

Jason "Loki" Smith has been an artist on the vanguard of this industry for over a decade and offers his own encouraging news: "Half of the companies in adult either have or are developing a 3D paysite and the need for new artists will continue to grow. It has definitely been an interesting 10 years and the market has done nothing but grow, slow at first, then it literally stalled, but in the last two years it has taken a huge leap forward."

Since he's taken over managing a company's cartoon content, Loki's stepped down somewhat from creating and selling his own work but continues to help build the 3D market. " In the coming month I will be launching an adult webmaster forum [www.toonwebmasters.com] geared at cartoon webmasters," he says. "The site will focus on everything cartoon related: 3D, Anime, Hentai, hand drawn cartoons and will have sections for companies, affiliates, and artists."