In Praise of Older Womyn

Friday, September 17, 2010


So this sounds fucking amazing:

On Saturday (September 25) from noon to 4:30 pm, members of the 519 Church Community Centre, the Sherbourne Health Centre and Planned Parenthood are organizing an event called Hot And Bothered (at 519 Church, 416-961-0113 ext 123) that looks at aging and women's sexuality in the LGBT population. There are performances, a panel and breakout discussion groups dealing with topics like creating community, dating, dealing with isolation, hooking up, menopause, sex and aging, losing a loved one, gender expression, coming out later in life and activism and aging.

Panelists include Sheila Miller, Aakilah Ashanti Ade, Nichola Ward and Hershel Russell, with performers Arlene Mantle, Lorelei King, Lois Fine and cougar chaser Chelsey Lichtman.

The event is open to all LGBT women who identify as or did identify as women. I'm just going to say I'm sure it would also be an awesome place to meet that sultry elder babe you can't get off your mind as well. As Ryan G. Hinds said to me the other night when we were hanging out at Granny Boots, "Look at you! You're glowing! You look incredible!" "Thank you, honey," I replied. "That's a hot flash." for more details.

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