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Thursday, April 09, 2009


You've been writing here and there about pregnancy and sex and we really appreciate it. Hip Mama ( was a great resource for my wife, as was Orgasmic Birth ( What an amazing video for when we actually get there. Right now, we're looking for something in the video format that is somewhat enlightening and sexy. Our experience is that erotic films featuring women who are pregnant treat it like a fetish, which, in turn, makes it not feel natural. While seeing pregnant women fuck is good for my wife's self-image, we're looking for something a little less fetishizing.

— J&B


Ew, I know, right? Is "preggo" not the grossest word in English slang? Yet it's used to a criminal degree in all that knocked-up porn.

Have a look at Nina Hartley's Guide to Great Sex During Pregnancy. It features two actual porn stars in their third trimesters discussing sex during pregnancy as well as having it onscreen: one, Violet Blue (now known as Noname Jane because of a lawsuit launched against her by the sex blogger and writer of the same name) with her partner Dick Danger and another, Tiffany Mynx, who gets it on with Nina. Nina's "Guide" videos follow a format where they open with an educational segment that takes an informal attitude (mind you, I wish they'd gone to some trouble to teach Blue that labia is not pronounced lablia) and then a few sex scenes that range from really hot to fairly scripted. The scenes in Great Sex During Pregnancy don't go off the charts but they are definitely more respectful and realistic than Banging Buns in the Oven or Daddy Dent My Head.

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