Renting Versus Owning

Friday, January 15, 2010


I think I'm in love with an escort. Yes, I am prone to blind, romantic flights of fancy, but she isn't the first escort I've seen, and I didn't feel like this the other times. I am depressed and heartbroken, wrestling with the fact that I met such an incredible person under such impossible circumstances. Is there any hope of getting a "normal" date with an escort?



Frank, you are prone to flights of romantic fancy and it appears you've just taken off on one after an exchange with someone who, like an actor, is paid to be a professional liar. Is it possible that this escort offered such an outstanding service that you've fallen prey to one of your quixotic spells again?

Of course, escorts have regular dates and boyfriends and girlfriends. And some of them even meet their boyfriends and girlfriends on the job. But a person prone to flights of romantic fancy, who gets depressed and heartbroken after one or two intimate business transactions, may not be the boyfriend for an escort.

Escorts would probably think twice about getting involved with someone like that, recognizing that this person would deal poorly with an escort's career, going into a fit of pique and pouting for hours when the love object goes off to work.

So the real question is: would there be hope for an escort to have a "normal" date with you?

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