Ring of Fire

Friday, May 06, 2011


I have heard of women being allergic to some guys' semen. But can you be allergic to pussy? There is this one girl I started to have sex with. But the next day, my penis was swollen and I had trouble urinating. It was uncomfortable all day to have my shorts rubbing against my dick. The next time we had sex, the same thing happened, but it was worse, and my balls were also very irritated. The girl is screamin' hot so I don't want to dump her, but I can't call in sick at work after every date. I can just imagine the call now: “Hi, boss, uh, well, I screwed this girl and now my cock hurts too much for me to wear clothes or walk. So can I take a few days off?” Riiiiiight. They'd tell me to stay home for good and ship me my coffee mug and the desk photo of my dog.

Is there a doctor who can help me with this? What kind of doctor would that be? And is there anything I can do at home to treat this? I fell into more than a--Ring of Fire



I have no idea if a man can be allergic to a woman's vaginal secretions. But it has been demonstrated that a few women are (rarely) allergic to a specific man's semen. So it would seem logical that it could work the other way, wouldn't it? Nevertheless, this sounds like a problem that calls for medical assistance.

See your doctor and get tested for the standard round of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). This doesn't sound like your typical case of trichomoniasis, bacteria, chlamydia, gonorrhea, staph, or yeast, but when your dick or balls hurt and get swollen, it's always a good idea to let your doctor check you out. If possible, do so the day after you've had sex with your new hookup, so he or she can see exactly what is going on.

If a general practitioner feels that there's more going on here than they can handle, they might refer you to a urologist or someone who specializes in treating allergies.

Some things you can try on your own would include: (1) taking an antihistamine before sex, and (2) using a condom. Get an extra-large size that you can roll down then pull back over your balls. See if this coverage keeps the equipment from catching fire.

I'm racking my brain for some other suggestions. Is she using a contraceptive gel or foam? If so, you might be allergic to the nonoxynol-9 in it or some other chemical. Could you be allergic to the latex in a diaphragm or cervical cap? Are the two of you using a lubricant that rubs your cock the wrong way? Try one that is glycerin-free. Many people have sensitivities to various ingredients in “personal moisturizers.” Did she douche with something that might aggravate your skin? Is she shaving and leaving problematic shaving cream behind? (I'm really stretching it here, I know.) It sounds like you don't want to tell her about this, but you need to ask her some questions. Let her help you problem-solve. Given that you find her irresistible, there is also a chance that you've just got fuck-burn from overdoing the old in-and-out. You might need a little lube to keep your cock from losing skin while you demonstrate your enthusiasm for her beauty. Good luck! This sounds like one of those cruel twists of fate. How unfair is it that you found a sexy babe who wants you, but the price for having her is painfully high!