Rip From Dink?

Saturday, February 19, 2011


As of late my girlfriend has been experiencing a "ripping" pain in her vagina when we have sex. She has gone to a doctor who said there is nothing wrong with her. The problem is this pain has only been occurring in the last 2 months. It's important to note that I usually bring her to orgasm by hand or orally before we have sex, and this makes her very sensitive down there and I think this is the problem. Please help as it is interfering with what could be a healthy sex life.


I think any doctor who tells a woman there is nothing wrong with her when she expresses that she feels a ripping sensation in her vagina during sex either needs to be supplanted or supplemented with a  more sensitive medical opinion.  

In the meantime:

Is it important that you bring your girlfriend to orgasm before you have intercourse or can you have intercourse first and then get her off? Do you need to have intercourse right after she comes or can she give you a blow or hand job? Have you been using generous amounts of lubricant to make her vagina more amenable to penetration or is it possible that you are using a lubricant that is irritating her vagina? Do you use latex condoms and if so, is it possible that your girlfriend has developed a latex sensitivity? Would you be willing to purchase a vibrator and have your girlfriend orgasm during sex instead of before? 

Also, does the pain persist very long after intercourse and where does it come from? Is it from the vestibule (the opening) or is it more generalized and internal? Let me know and we’ll try to get to the bottom of it. And if she could ask any of her friends if they like their gynecologist, maybe she could start seeking out a second opinion. 

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