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Friday, November 04, 2005


Hi! I am a twenty-year-old single girl and have recently viewed animal sex on the Internet. I was thinking of trying it with my male Great Dane. I was wondering if dog sex is safe and what precautions I can take.


You've hit what we call "a hard limit" in the S/M community.

I cannot recommend that you do this or give you any advice about how to best accomplish it. Bestiality is illegal, and in my code of ethics, it's also wrong. An animal (even one as big as your Great Dane) is not on the same level as a human being. They don't have the capacity to understand sex in human terms or consent to engage in it. At the same time, they are not objects to be exploited for your pleasure. Having sex with a dog is, in my opinion, a form of animal abuse.

Let me also tell you a few practical drawbacks to acting on this fantasy. First of all, dogs are pack animals. They are constantly testing to see which animal in the pack is dominant. Because they are domesticated, dogs see their human companions as members of the pack. It is never a good idea for a human being to give the dog the idea that he is dominant. But a male dog who has sex with you will assume exactly that. This makes him an unsafe animal to have around you. He will react territorially and protectively when other males come near you.

Like other mammals, dogs are sexual creatures. Letting them have sex with you is like feeding them treats from the table. If you do it once, they expect it forever. Do you want a dog relating to you in a sexual manner when you have a dinner party? When you are in public, walking him at the park? He will be very aggressive with other male dogs and human males. He will be less likely to respond to your commands, because as far as he is concerned, he is the boss now. If you try dog sex and you don't like it, the dog will still expect it. Will it be fair to deprive him of this outlet once he has experienced it?

Please reconsider your plans, and keep this activity as a fantasy only. It isn't physically safe, it's abusive to the dog, it's illegal, and it's not safe. I also want to warn you that government agencies often keep track of who views what sort of porn on the Internet. While their priority is usually to entrap and arrest people who view child pornography, I would say that bestiality is next on their list of stuff to suppress. A prosecution for this could be really embarrassing and damage your life.

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