Sex Work Study

Monday, January 31, 2011


Community Notes: Hey, everyone, when I say the word “pimp.” what do you think? And when I say the word “madam,” what do you think?



A bunch of folks led by Chris Bruckert at the University of Ottawa are doing a study on people who work in the sex trade in management. Have you driven whores around, answered phones in an agency, DJed in or managed a strip club or run a brothel? And have you done so since at least the year 2000?

Your experience is imperative. Sex work is on the verge of being decriminalized in our country, and the more voices heard from to dispel myths, define our business on our terms and add to our numbers the better. Compensation and anonymity are guaranteed. Many people involved in conducting this study have done sex work themselves and have in the past provided reliable and realistic information about sex workers to debates both academic and political.  is where you can find all the applicable information.

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