Share Herpes!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ok, well ideally don’t share herpes, but please share your thoughts about having herpes.

I’d love to post your writing about living with herpes, whether it’s oral or genital, how you manage pain, how you talk to people about having herpes, how you feel about having herpes, and how your partners deal with the news. Your first outbreak or coming out stories would also be great, or even any short fiction or previously published work you might want to share in this forum. If you find any excellent resources, please pass those along too.

If you’re a health professional and you’ve got something you think we’d love to hear about, whether it’s new research, treatment, or your own experience with herpes, that would be great too.

Please send anything you’d like published here to herpesblog at gmail dot com and if it fits with the very general theme of herpes, I’ll post it here!

Please share widely!