Slightly Older Lovers

Friday, May 20, 2005


We are a couple in our late 40s who have been together in a long-term relationship for many years now. As we get older, our sex drive still seems to be thriving. But my hard-ons are not as stiff as they once were. I was wondering if a cock ring would be beneficial to us. While we have lots of fun when touching with our hands, mouths, or toys, sometimes we just want to bang away, and my cock will not stay hard in her vagina if we have sex for extended periods.


Cock rings can indeed make an erection more firm, and keep it going for a longer period of time. These devices fit around the base of the cock and balls, and restrict blood flow out of the penis. This means that it becomes slightly more engorged, and some men find that it makes them more sensitive as well. Please avoid cock rings made out of metal; you want something that you can remove easily even if your equipment is quite swollen. Buy a leather strap that snaps on (like the Venus Envy Leather 3-Snap Cock Ring or the Spank Ring) or can be adjusted with Velcro, or get a jelly cock ring (like the Stretch Ring) that is easy to remove. Another option for easy-on-easy-off cock rings is the Roper.

To put the wood back in your stick, Viagra is also an option, unless you have health problems that preclude its use. Try the cock ring first since it's less expensive and has fewer side effects. But if that doesn't do the trick, why not resort to some pharmaceutical enhancement? I can tell you love your wife and genuinely desire her. The issue here is one of blood flow, not a blocked flow of passion.

Finally, I would suggest that sometimes we just have to adapt our sexual play to the changing capabilities of our bodies. It's really common for older guys to have difficulty keeping a rock-hard erection during intercourse alone. It's necessary to take some breaks for oral or manual stimulation to restore rigidity. I personally think this sounds like a lovely way to tease your wife into several strong orgasms. She wants to be fucked really hard — you pull out — she has to blow you or give you a hand job while she pants for more sex — then you can fuck her again for a while — and so forth.

I'm personally hoping that my sex life will continue to be as good as the party that the two of you are having! Rock on.