Soft and Sweaty

Friday, January 04, 2008


My girlfriend recently refused to stop stimulating me just because I had ejaculated. At first it felt really weird, but then I seemed to experience a whole new cycle of arousal and release. I never got hard, but I seemed to have an orgasm. I have never heard of this and wonder if it is normal. She looked really pleased with herself afterward, but I'm not sure I'd want to repeat the experience. It was just too weird.


Don't be so scared. You aren't a circus freak or a case study for the Journal of Human Sexuality. Most guys can have the sensation of an orgasm without necessarily getting hard or shooting. If you can tolerate oral sex, for example, right after you ejaculate, she can send you on quite an amazing trip by just holding your soft cock (and perhaps your balls as well) in her mouth and teasing you with her tongue. For one thing, when you're soft, she'll have an easier time getting all of your equipment into that warm, wet place. Some guys just can't tolerate the intensity of being stimulated after they come in the usual way. Or they find it painful. I wouldn't suggest trying this technique in those cases.

But the ability to have a soft orgasm might come in handy if a guy had one of those embarrassing nights when he couldn't get it up. The sex doesn't have to stop or be postponed. You can let her stimulate you into a non-erect but still very satisfying orgasm, and you can use your hands and mouth to make sure she has fun as well. Having sex that doesn't necessarily focus on inserting your cock into her vagina as quickly as possible will create a brand new world of sensual happiness and curiosity. Your whole body is a sex organ, man. We haven't even started talking about nipples. Or your perineum. Or retrograde ejaculation. Get ready for the postgraduate seminar, my friend. Your woman sounds to me like someone who might have all kinds of tricks up her sleeve. Or tucked into her cleavage, yum yum.

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