Soldier of Misfortune

Friday, August 05, 2011


I like to watch girls fighting. Movies like “Kill Bill” are like mainlining for me. But why don't you ever see bar fights between girls? Seems like all the fighting is done by guys who are usually competing for some chick's attention. I've tried to provoke women into taking a swing at me, and they never will. I jerk off thinking about some tough chick throwing me down, choking me, or sticking a gun in my face so I have to eat her pussy or do anything else she wants. Women talk so much about being put down. You'd think they would enjoy a chance to have some revenge. What is it going to take to get Uma Thurman's understudy to narrowly miss trimming my sideburns with a katana?


If you paid any attention to the world that you live in, you might have noticed that men and women get very different upbringing and training. Boys are expected to acquire a tolerance for physical effort and pain. They are rewarded for being aggressive and competitive. Little girls are expected to be pretty and passive. They are rewarded for being obedient and attractive. If they get too aggressive or competitive, they are often punished.

We could have a big argument about whether this is also caused by differences in biology or physiology, but the bottom line would remain the same. Your fantasy runs directly opposite to the type of behavior that 99% of the women you meet will display. When a woman is physically threatened or verbally challenged, she is more likely to placate you, avoid or escape from you, or look for another man to defend her. Besides, it is kinda creepy to be looking for a nonconsensual fight so you can get some sexual thrills from a girl who doesn't understand that she's dealing with a fetishist rather than a genuine threat. If a woman did decide she was in so much danger that she had to pull a gun on you, she would be more likely to just shoot you rather than demand sexual entertainment.

If you like to watch girls fighting with each other, there are professional female wrestlers who have big cults of fans. It's possible to get DVDS of these events. There are also genres of porn that feature pillow fights, wrestling, boxing, etc. So you should be able to satisfy that desire somewhat. It's not the same thing as literally being there, but it's a start.

Get some fight training so you know what you are doing. Join a dojo that has classes for both women and men, and features mixed sparring. Don't bring up the topic of sex in the dojo, but do be alert for women who might want to have coffee with you, get to know you better, and perhaps go out on a date. Focus on what you can do for her to make yourself desirable. Understand that your sex life will never consist 100% of your fetish. Unfortunately, the more specific a fetish is, the harder it is to find somebody else who shares it with all the important details. But if you get yourself a girlfriend (and learn how to eat pussy really well), you might find somebody who understands that you have a fantasy about being wrestled into submission.

Another place to look for partners is in the BDSM community. I know many couples who like to “fight for the top.” There are also professional (paid) dominant women who will perform wrestling matches with clients. I emphasize the term “perform” because in most cases, this kind of fantasy won't work unless you help. When she shoves, you have to go down, even if she isn't as strong as you are.



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