stocking stuffers?

Friday, December 03, 2010


So, more holiday business? A couple of items to throw in stockings, perhaps?

I don’t know about you but I haven’t had much success with flavoured or scented lubes and oils. Though things have vastly improved in the past couple of decades (Pina Colada Chocolate Chip Bubblegum has been quietly shunted off in favour of Indian Chai Spice) companies seem unable to successfully create more muted or natural scents and flavours.

While I enjoyed the thickness of Good Clean Love’s lube, the lavender rose fragrance was distracting. In fact, if I were to guess what they were going for, it would be the dipping stick in Lik-M-Aid candy (

And while I found the organic massage line from Good Vibrations sublime in quality, pomegranate mint was not my thing.

Scent being what it is – highly subjective, capable of leaving jarringly unforgettable memories – I would bypass purchasing scented intimate products or go for unscented options and jazz them up with essential oils.

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